Progress is possible for every golfer to achieve, but golfers have to understand the only way to improve is done by improving their alignments and application of force through impact. 

It's unbelievable how many golfers throughout my years of teaching have told me that the club should lift the ball into the air by hitting from underneath the ball. This misconception is without a doubt one of the key elements to why this game is so difficult and why the average golfer gets worse the more he plays rather than better.

Understanding the the design of the golf club is a vital topic to gain any long term improvement. The golf club had 3 parts: a handle, a shaft and a club head. Understanding that the grip and shaft must always pass the ball before the club head will help you understand that the club head is trailing behind so subsequently being pulled through the impact interval. Secondly the golf shaft has to remain on plane throughout the swing otherwise inconsistency is all you will succeeded in establishing.




What I'm looking at in a golf swing?????

Well there are a few key things that I'm looking for in a golf swing when I look at it for the first time.

  • 1) The shape of the golf swing as this will largely determine the quality of strike and influence the direction of the initial flight of the ball.
  • 2) The sources of power within that swing, how the swing loads, stores and delivers that energy into the ball throughout the impact interval.
  • 3) How the foundations affect the first 2 areas.
  • 4) The concepts the golfer is trying to implement.


Remeber golf is a game of scoring-teaching students to produce lower scores is the ultimate goal.

Good impact alignments are necessary to play consistent golf.

To teach students that mechanics produce and feel reproduces.

Fundamentals are essential and will be the foundation of every lesson.

Until students can produce an uncompensated stroke with a basic motion a full swing will only add frustration.

The next lesson begins where the last lesson finished.


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